Code of Conduct

General Discipline

The students are expected to maintain cordial and respectful relations with each of the staff. They should also ensure that this relationship is only to pursue their programme of study at this college and as such they should observe the following restraints:

  1. Students must attend lectures as per the timetable. And should do the tasks assigned by the faculties in charge.
  2. No student shall do anything that will disrupt teaching, curricular or extracurricular activities, examinations, administrative work, etc.
  3. No student is allowed to indulge in political activities on the college premises.
  4. No society or association shall be formed in the college without the prior permission of the Principal.
  5. No student shall display any notice/circular/poster/banner on the college premises without the prior permission of the Principal.
  6. All types of protest demonstrations, processions, shouting, etc. are prohibited within the college premises.
  7. All meetings, cultural programs, debates, etc. organized on the college premises must be conducted in the presence of faculty members and with the prior permission of the Principal.
  8. Outsiders are not permitted in the college premises without the prior permission of the Principal.
  9. Smoking and use of alcoholic substances, drugs, pan masala, etc. are strictly prohibited on the college premises.
  10. Strict action will be taken against students involved in malpractices at University/college examinations.
  11. Students shall not do anything that will tarnish the image of the college while they are inside or outside the college campus.
  12. Strict action will be taken against the student damaging college property and such students will have to compensate for the damage caused.
  13. All directions issued by the authorities for the smooth functioning of the college have to be complied with by all students.


The regular timings of the college are from 8.30 am to 1.30pm. Students and faculties has to be in the class and college before 8.25 am


  1. The campus is a green campus students are expected to dispose of all kinds of garbage in the bins that are provided in the class, campus, and canteen. Littering will lead to fine.
  2. Students are strictly prohibited from writing anything on the walls, desks, and benches or from indulging in defacing/graffiti writing especially in the toilets. Anyone found doing so will have to pay the cost of painting the wall or room as the case may be.

Dress Code

  1. Every student is expected to dress decently and properly keeping in view the fact that they are students of a professional programme.
  2. Students should wear clothing that is not distracting or offensive to others. Indecent, torn, or dirty clothing is unacceptable. Any clothing that has words, terms, or pictures that may be offensive to other people is unacceptable.
    Every student is expected to dress in black and white formal attire for any academic activity/program in the college.
  3. If the clothing fails to meet these standards, the student may be sent home to change clothes and will receive a warning. Progressive disciplinary action will be applied if dress code violations continue.

Identity Card

At the time of admission each student will be issued an identity card with a tag attached which can be easily worn by the student. Every student who enters the College premises is expected to wear this identity card, failing which the student will be immediately expelled from the premises and suitable disciplinary action will be initiated.

Students movement register

Student’s movement register is kept with the security staffs at the entrance of the college. Any student entering or exiting after or before the college timings should compulsory record the same in the register. Failing will lead to disciplinary actions.


CSI Institute of Legal Studies has taken all measures to curb ragging. As per UGC guidelines an Anti Ragging Committee and Anti Ragging Squad have been constituted.

Anti Ragging Committee

  • Dr. Bejoy M S Raj (Principal)
  • Smt. Keerthi S Jyothi (Vice Principal)
  • Prof. Shanthi (HOD)
  • Smt. Ancy A. Y (Asst. Prof )
  • Smt. Sini R. M (Asst. Professor)
  • Mr. Manu Sreenivasan (Asst. Professor)
  • Smt. Neethu L Shekhar (Asst. Professor)
  • Smt. Lizzie Albert (Asst. Professor)
  • Mr. Jinu S Krishnan (Asst. Professor)
  • Shri. Praveen R P Stanley (Parent)
  • Adv. S Suresh Babu (Parent)
  • Vaishnavi P. S (S8 B Com LLB, Senior Student)
  • Devika S S (S8 BBA LLB , Senior Student)
  • Sumithra Devi (S1 Unitary LLB,Fresher)
  • Adithya R (SI BBA LLB,Fresher)
  • Jayakrishnan S.S (S1 BALLB,Fresher)
  • Rev. S.T. Sunil Raj (Administrative Officer)
  • Shri. Ancin SJ, Clerk
  • Smt. Helen Princy, LGS

Once students are admitted to the college they should observe the code of conduct
necessary to maintain discipline and for the proper administration of the college.
The following activities are treated as ragging:
1. Any act that prevents, disrupts, or disturbs the regular academic activity of a student
2. Exploiting the service of a junior student by a senior student or a group of senior students
3. Any act of financial extortion or forceful expenditure burden put on a junior student
including fund-raising for organizations
4. Any act of physical abuse including all variants of it: annoying, playing practical jokes,
sexual abuse, homosexual assaults, stripping, forcing obscene and lewd acts or gestures
5. Any act of abuse by spoken words, emails, SMS, or any other means
6. Any word or act that causes hurt to the dignity of the individual
7. Entering without permission any class other than the one assigned to a student
8. Forcing a student to boycott class without his/her consent to participate in strike,
demonstration, dharna, etc.
Reporting Cases of Ragging
The complaints or information regarding ragging could be oral, written, or even from
third parties. The burden/responsibility of proving his/her innocence rests with the accused.
Complaints can be lodged with the Principal, Vice Principal, Staff Counsellors, or any of the members of the Ragging Prevention Committee.
All complaints/information received shall be kept strictly confidential.
In the event of a student being booked in a criminal offense and being suspended from the
college, he/she will be re-instated only after he/she obtains a clearance certificate from the
concerned police officer
The students seeking admission to the CSI Institute of Legal Studies should sign a declaration issued by the college.

Use of Mobile phones and cameras

The use of mobiles/cameras during class hours is strictly prohibited. Any student found guilty of the same will be subjected to disciplinary action.

Acts of gross indiscipline

The following acts shall amount to acts of gross indiscipline:

  1. Physical assault or threat to use physical force.
  2. Carrying using or threatening to use of any weapon.
  3. Keeping, using, or inducing to use any intoxicant, including smoking or any drug. The college campus is a no-smoking zone.
  4. Using or having possession of mobile phones in the classroom and library;
  5. Violation of the status, dignity, and honor of students belonging to the scheduled castes and tribes.
  6. Any practice-whether verbal or otherwise- that outrages the modesty of women in general and in particular.
  7. Willful destruction of institutional property.
  8. Spreading hatred about any religious or communal and creating violence or any such acts that hurt the feelings of any students.
  9. Disrupting the smooth functioning of the College.
  10. Entering into an argument with security or any staff
  11. Suppressing the knowledge of acts of indiscipline of other students.
  12. Forming unlawful assembly and sharing common objects to disrupt the discipline of the college
  13. Violation of any rules and regulations of the College.


Penalties fixed by the college management will be levied from the students in case of gross discipline